If  you’ve ever been to Fido’s Market, you can’t help but notice that we are huge advocates of species-appropriate nutrition.  We’re currently participating in the National Raw Pet Food 30 Day Challenge so we wanted to call out ten reasons you should consider feeding your dog or cat a species-appropriate, raw meat diet.

#10 – Picky Eater Syndrome.  Many times, your pet isn’t being picky, he just knows what’s good for him.

#9 – Reduce Allergies.  Allergies and sensitivities can manifest themselves in a variety of ways.  Feeding your pet food that their body recognizes as real food will reduce their reactions to it.

#8 – Less Gas.  Ever have a dog that could clear the room after dinner?  Yeah, that’s just their body saying what you put in there, doesn’t belong in there.

#7 – Doggy Odor.  Doggy odor is not normal.  Your pet should not smell bad and typically should not need a bath every week.  If they do, there is an imbalance that needs to be corrected.  Proper nutrition can help with that.

#6 – Less Pests and Parasites.  Back to that doggy odor thing.  Pests and parasites prey on the weaker animals.  Raw fed pets have significantly less issues with pests than those who are not.

#5 – Weight Control.  There is no better way to ensure your pet maintains a healthy weight than to feed it appropriately.  The body will process the nutrients it needs from foods it recognizes and pass the rest along.

#4 – Less Poop.  Speaking of passing the rest along…when you’re feeding a natural diet, you feed less and therefore have less waste.

#3 – Healthy Skin.  Itchy, dry, flaky, oily…these are all conditions that are reduced when the body is balanced through proper nutrition.

#2 – Dental Health.  Not only does raw feeding help prevent dental disease (and all of the diseases that come along with that), but it actually helps reduce existing plaque and tartar buildup.

#1 – Stronger Immune System.  There is NOTHING more important than a strong, functioning immune system.  This will prevent diseases from taking hold in your pet and also allow your pet to respond and heal more quickly when exposed to diseases.