Let me be honest.  When we first opened the store, I had never fed my dog’s a raw diet.  I’d read plenty about it.  I believed it was good for the dogs.  But I didn’t have personal experience.

Fast forward to the present.  We have been feeding Sasha and Daisy a raw diet using Answers Pet Food for 3 weeks now.  Our goal was to learn about using the product and to be able to speak to customers from experience.  We have tried the chicken, beef and pork.  We have done the goat’s milk.  We have fed them sausages, patties, nibbles and straight out of the carton.

Needless to say, we met our objective.  But beyond that, I am a believer!

Sasha is 8 years old and about a year ago, she began to show signs of being … dare I say it … a senior dog.  Nothing too major, some days were worse than others.  She’d be slow to get up after sleeping.  She didn’t run in the backyard like she used to.  She just wasn’t a spunky puppy anymore.

We fed her well.  Orijen is probably one of the best kibbles you can buy, and she loved it.  But with our switch to raw, she showed remarkable signs of improvement.  She has started running around and pouncing like a puppy again.  She hops in/out of the car with no trouble.  A month ago, a 2-mile walk would have left her stiff and sore for 2-3 days.  Today, she finishes the walk and is ready for more.  My neighbors have even commented on her change.

Nothing else in her world has changed.  Just a switch to a raw food diet.

I realize that you may have objections.  I probably had all of the exact same ones.  It takes more time and planning (not really).  You have to wash the bowls (you should do this after every feeding anyway).  It costs more (consider the long-term costs of a healthier pet).  What about contamination (use common sense just as you would when handling raw food for yourself).  And on and on.

My realization was that I had a fear of the unknown and allowed myself to only see the “negatives.”  Sure, it’s different.  But, about 60 years ago, feeding kibble was different.

All I can say is try it.  Just try it.  You can always switch back to kibble if it’s not for you (but I doubt you will).