If you haven’t started your flea prevention protocol yet, it’s definitely time to kick it in gear.  Here’s our protocol for prevention:

The Yard

It does no good to treat the pets or the house and not do anything in your yard.  Even if your dogs never leave your yard (and that’s no fun, by the way), other critters come into your yard and may drop some fleas or flea eggs.  So….  in early spring, we treat the yard with nematodes.  The folks at Arbico Organics are super nice and will help you determine what kind and how much you need.  Tell them we said hi (and no, we don’t get anything from them for it…we just like them; they’re good folks).

The House

If a flea makes it into the house, you want to make sure you’ve got it under control.  QUICKLY.  We preventatively treat under the baseboards with a non-toxic mixture consisting of some herbs and diatomaceous earth.  And then we leave it there.  But more importantly, we step up our laundry duties.  All dog beds and mats get washed once/week.  We just use our regular gentle detergent and throw some vinegar in the final rinse.

The Pets

First and foremost, a healthy pet is less attractive to fleas.  So we ensure our pets are healthy by feeding them a species-appropriate diet and minimizing their exposure to toxins.  We also have a couple of supplements that we carry that are extremely effective.  We do use some essential oils and pre-blended herbal repellants on them topically, but we are always cautious to not over-do it with those.

Not sure this will work for your circumstances or have questions for more specific details?  Come on by and let’s chat.