Have you ever been over at someone’s house or out in a park and watched a dog with their owner whose behaviors were making you cringe? I certainly have! This article is going to help keep you from being that person. 

Most people seem to become masters at “managing” behaviors. You don’t realize certain behaviors are really that bad, until your routine is shaken and suddenly you are in over your head. It is very hard to have someone tell you that your dog needs professional training. It’s okay! You should never be ashamed of admitting you can’t handle certain behaviors and you need help. There are wonderful people out there who live to figure out those puzzling dogs and show you how to create a strong, positive relationship with them. Here is a guideline to see if you may need to hire a trainer before it is too late.

-Your dog has bitten anyone (including you), but not drawn blood.

-Your dog growls when any person or dog approaches him (including around food or toys).

-You have a fearful dog whose fears interfere with daily life.

-Your dog blows you off around distractions.

-Your dog barks and lunges on leash.

-Your dog shows signs of stress being left alone.

-A behavior you dislike is increasing in frequency.

-Your dog is high energy and creating his own outlets.

These are just a few issues that could potentially lead to more serious problems if not dealt with in a timely fashion. It is your responsibility to help your dog. Please remember, once your dog has bitten, they are more likely to bite again. And, prevention is much easier than curing a problem.  We have a few trainers in the area that we can recommend.  Stop by and let’s chat about your dog.

I hope this helps!!